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Faucet Name Total Paid Today Active Users Reward Timer Health
Daily Free BitsDaily Free Bits3.016240 USD349318 sat 60 min
GoBits.ioGoBits.io5.610155 USD82081 sat 6 min
i-Bits.ioi-Bits.io5.533106 USD79501 sat 6 min
BIG BTC WINBIG BTC WIN8.052566 USD603164 sat 5 min
U24 FaucetU24 Faucet0.113357 USD44103 sat 0 sec
Worldofbitco.inWorldofbitco.in0.721971 USD21328 sat 5 min
Getyourbitco.inGetyourbitco.in0.798054 USD21518 sat 5 min
StarBits.ioStarBits.io5.272173 USD79761 sat 6 min
ClaimBits.ioClaimBits.io5.167107 USD68231 sat 6 min
alibtcalibtc0.012907 USD513 sat 5 min
Larvel FaucetLarvel Faucet37.025320 USD2527324 sat 60 min
Nya-bit.comNya-bit.com0.406650 USD169 sat 60 min
Fire FaucetFire Faucet88.016255 USD1291.81 BTC 60 min
CoinAdster - faucet, offerwallsCoinAdster - faucet, offerwalls33.237822 USD1035901 sat 60 min
Alt HubAlt Hub1.902270 USD194436 sat 15 min
Coinpayu.comCoinpayu.com0.000000 USD41653628 sat 15 min
litegpt earn free btc!litegpt earn free btc!10.613653 USD521940 sat 60 min
Softairbay Bitcoin FaucetSoftairbay Bitcoin Faucet0.301176 USD2371 sat 5 min
BitcoinisokBitcoinisok0.163624 USD5002 sat 180 min
SilverClixSilverClix0.000000 USD3212 sat 60 min
TwickerzTwickerz1.999778 USD2387 sat 60 min
ZigmaCashZigmaCash1.000851 USD5296 sat 60 min
BTCclickerBTCclicker0.014658 USD564 sat 0 sec
GoldenClixGoldenClix0.000000 USD13867 sat 5 min
CroClixCroClix0.239659 USD21537 sat 60 min
EkoClixEkoClix0.000000 USD241 sat 60 min
EldiBuxEldiBux7.674592 USD721291 sat 60 min
RetroBuxRetroBux0.000000 USD1153 sat 60 min
ViveBTCViveBTC0.000000 USD1551 sat 1 min
CliquebookCliquebook14.233409 USD41725 sat 60 min
Earn Free BitcoinEarn Free Bitcoin0.000000 USD1201064 sat 60 min
BitclixBitclix0.000000 USD29616 sat 60 min
FaucetSpin - Multicoin FaucetFaucetSpin - Multicoin Faucet0.000000 USD341443 sat 60 min
MultiCoinsMultiCoins11.938652 USD457998 sat 5 min
Coinbid.ro - BTC 5 min faucetCoinbid.ro - BTC 5 min faucet0.127118 USD1191 sat 5 min
BuxcoinBuxcoin9.977679 USD241100 sat 300 min
Super LitecoinSuper Litecoin0.115508 USD172760 sat 6 min
The Big Bang DogueThe Big Bang Dogue0.095254 USD345790205 sat 6 min
Hera Faucet / Free CryptoHera Faucet / Free Crypto2.927132 USD14470.02 BTC 5 min
Free DOGE dailyFree DOGE daily0.000089 USD26082 sat 45 min
Mega EthereumMega Ethereum0.031186 USD36726 sat 7 min
ClaimBitsClaimBits53.085533 USD7811715 sat 5 min
Cryptoearns.comCryptoearns.com0.007919 USD8878 sat 10 min
Coinfaucet.networkCoinfaucet.network0.024887 USD4591 sat 15 min
Bitcoinfaucet.networkBitcoinfaucet.network0.065866 USD5411 sat 15 min
Crypto Directories BTC FaucetCrypto Directories BTC Faucet0.329727 USD10566 sat 5 min
Claim Free BTCClaim Free BTC7.829796 USD187941 sat 5 min
Police PTCPolice PTC0.000000 USD613 sat 60 min
ADSbitcoin.ioADSbitcoin.io1.406771 USD43679 sat 60 min
Bankroll ClicksBankroll Clicks0.470800 USD325 sat 60 min
99faucet99faucet0.000000 USD27248 sat 60 min
claimfreebitsclaimfreebits2.589416 USD72723 sat 5 min
Free bitcoin NaMaidaniFree bitcoin NaMaidani0.006910 USD592 sat 10 min
**** FaucetGamers.com ******** FaucetGamers.com ****0.000000 USD2487 sat 60 min
StreamBucksStreamBucks0.025550 USD11219991 sat 15 min
GraB.TC High rate Roll OfferGraB.TC High rate Roll Offer9.769427 USD1393824 sat 60 min
TritonbuxTritonbux0.000000 USD195780 sat 30 min
CryptoWin.ioCryptoWin.io284.172654 USD8868400 sat 15 min
adBTCadBTC0.000000 USD57561688 sat 60 min
Keran.Co - BTCKeran.Co - BTC0.819444 USD8475 sat 60 min
OffersBux.comOffersBux.com0.214633 USD361137 sat 60 min
DogeMateDogeMate22.311779 USD3213183 sat 60 min
PTCBITSPTCBITS0.998452 USD234529 sat 60 min
Coinpot - Multi Faucet- High PayCoinpot - Multi Faucet- High Pay77.320161 USD6398221 sat 5 min
Satoshi HeroSatoshi Hero116.611695 USD14618486 sat 30 min
Rushbitcoin.comRushbitcoin.com0.000000 USD33598 sat 7 min
? Claim Free Crypto Coin ?? Claim Free Crypto Coin ?0.007876 USD2251 sat 60 min
Only1024.com FaucetOnly1024.com Faucet1.021968 USD6825 sat 5 min
--- StarsFaucet ------ StarsFaucet ---1.022438 USD921312114 sat 1 min
Click NaMaidaniClick NaMaidani0.000000 USD1250 sat 15 min
Crypto Mining GameCrypto Mining Game0.000000 USD4451844 sat 1 min
gosixsgosixs0.664778 USD51219 sat 60 min
Diamond Faucet / Free CoinsDiamond Faucet / Free Coins11.828298 USD6225123 sat 5 min
FaucetCaptchaFaucetCaptcha0.003767 USD9432000 sat 2 min
***CRINF.NET (NSFW FREE) ******CRINF.NET (NSFW FREE) ***0.666473 USD8140697 sat 10 min
Contract-MinerContract-Miner0.000000 USD20114521 sat 1 min
OneBitcoOneBitco2.966562 USD17743 sat 5 min
LTC 24LTC 240.966377 USD40330 sat 0 sec
Xekra.netXekra.net0.208909 USD2961 sat 60 min
Ptc4btcPtc4btc23.485036 USD1502327 sat 5 min
ROLLBUCKSROLLBUCKS0.646990 USD6425375 sat 20 min
Ignite-blockchain.comIgnite-blockchain.com0.000000 USD226265 sat 1 min
HilAno FaucetHilAno Faucet12.663662 USD181522491 sat 5 min
Earn4Me LTC 0 minuteEarn4Me LTC 0 minute0.054531 USD197849 sat 0 sec
Winwinclick BTCWinwinclick BTC0.006032 USD131 sat 5 min
Criptoshark.com | Earn Free BTCCriptoshark.com | Earn Free BTC5.097617 USD54625992 sat 5 min
earnmoneyhubearnmoneyhub3.570677 USD3240.83 BTC 60 min
LiteEarn - Best LTC FaucetLiteEarn - Best LTC Faucet2.191158 USD8992895 sat 2 min
ArxivCrypto.usArxivCrypto.us0.000068 USD510 sat 15 min
Bitcosite - Earn Simple CoinBitcosite - Earn Simple Coin0.132804 USD223262586 sat 5 min
FREE BTC | FREE USDTFREE BTC | FREE USDT0.052467 USD20654351 sat 2 min
CoinmartCoinmart0.000000 USD20 sat 1 min
Faupig-bitFaupig-bit3.144405 USD256415691 sat 7 min
? Faucet PayU ?? Faucet PayU ?0.000000 USD40 sat 60 min
Solar All Crypto Faucet AppSolar All Crypto Faucet App0.368883 USD11301 sat 10 min
Faucet by ClicksFlyFaucet by ClicksFly0.482717 USD1631 sat 1 min
claimfreebits.xyzclaimfreebits.xyz1.296564 USD3777 sat 5 min
###adZEC.cc###adZEC.cc0.000000 USD335748 sat 60 min
FaucetClub.netFaucetClub.net0.784109 USD48194 sat 20 min
### adBCH.cc### adBCH.cc0.000000 USD4523607 sat 60 min
rich-nuts.com/bitcoin-forestrich-nuts.com/bitcoin-forest0.300755 USD1910 sat 5 min
A1CRYPTOA1CRYPTO0.006497 USD73 sat 15 min
Tur Poor CoinTur Poor Coin0.020820 USD398144767 sat 1 min
Koiniom (Ex. KickassTraffic)Koiniom (Ex. KickassTraffic)2.725478 USD289388 sat 60 min
BitcoinTricksBitcoinTricks0.000000 USD6243 sat 15 min
crazyfaucetcrazyfaucet0.287234 USD963795 sat 1 min
Paid To MoneyPaid To Money3.969113 USD2116172677 sat 1 min
Faucet/PTC/Survey/No Min/Ad-FreeFaucet/PTC/Survey/No Min/Ad-Free0.000025 USD11 sat 15 min
ClickFight - BTC BrowsergameClickFight - BTC Browsergame3.827038 USD189302 sat 60 min
Free 10 Dollars BonusFree 10 Dollars Bonus0.001291 USD130 sat 5 min
$$$ FlashFaucet.com$$$ FlashFaucet.com0.000000 USD114 sat 60 min
FUN FAUCETFUN FAUCET0.000000 USD41 sat 0 sec
DGB faucet - cryptoo.siteDGB faucet - cryptoo.site0.073767 USD282169988 sat 5 min
Dash faucet- cryptoo.siteDash faucet- cryptoo.site0.000000 USD21568 sat 5 min
Zec faucet - cryptoo.siteZec faucet - cryptoo.site0.000000 USD33669 sat 5 min
Bagi.Co.in - BTCBagi.Co.in - BTC0.788679 USD7097 sat 100 min
EarnMoreCoins Tron 5min timer!EarnMoreCoins Tron 5min timer!0.000156 USD712247 sat 5 min
FaytcoinFaytcoin0.000000 USD1445 sat 60 min
SPACE FAUCETSPACE FAUCET0.064309 USD4271 sat 5 min
BestCriptoBestCripto0.000000 USD5654 sat 60 min
MoonFaucetMoonFaucet0.001218 USD2152 sat 60 min
SafbitsSafbits1.241090 USD12991 sat 1 min
FaucetBTC.orgFaucetBTC.org0.194321 USD3949 sat 3 min
Crypto Fun Faucet BTCCrypto Fun Faucet BTC0.000000 USD554 sat 5 min
Bits.re | Earn free cryptoBits.re | Earn free crypto5.763787 USD60466737 sat 5 min
cryptoukrcryptoukr0.000000 USD20 sat 45 min
CoinClaimCoinClaim0.024354 USD1871 sat 1 min
GalaxyCrypto Unlimited EarningsGalaxyCrypto Unlimited Earnings0.000000 USD1245144 sat 60 min
dollarsbux.comdollarsbux.com0.000000 USD764 sat 60 min
Auto JunkieAuto Junkie0.016587 USD20195707 sat 60 min
ZealFaucet | Less Ad-High RewardZealFaucet | Less Ad-High Reward0.000093 USD2489 sat 10 min
@ faucet-bnb.cc@ faucet-bnb.cc0.000000 USD7677 sat 60 min
Lemon Litecoin Faucet - AppLemon Litecoin Faucet - App0.384611 USD1482100 sat 10 min
CoinPayzCoinPayz91.728473 USD6403220 sat 10 min
#* FaucetsEarn (Multicoins) *##* FaucetsEarn (Multicoins) *#0.076649 USD228131670 sat 2 min
crypto targetcrypto target0.160265 USD761425806 sat 5 min
Faucetoshi.comFaucetoshi.com60.040570 USD4470236 sat 15 min
We Love Crypto ©We Love Crypto ©0.000000 USD391 sat 4 min
MemecoinsMemecoins2.761407 USD37371 sat 5 min
CoinotoCoinoto5.109302 USD112520629 sat 1 min
AutoFaucet.orgAutoFaucet.org102.767516 USD63992119 sat 1 min
AutoClaim.inAutoClaim.in19.097365 USD16312883 sat 1 min
AutoBitco.inAutoBitco.in7.513586 USD5841353 sat 0 sec
TRX 1 minTRX 1 min0.000000 USD199840 sat 1 min
DOGE 1 minuteDOGE 1 minute0.000000 USD756 sat 1 min
Crypto JunkieCrypto Junkie3.661549 USD41542896 sat 5 min
satoshi.winsatoshi.win0.000000 USD416665 sat 60 min
CryptoBagGiver.comCryptoBagGiver.com0.201907 USD35579480 sat 60 min
KonstantinovaKonstantinova2.145678 USD5401284 sat 7 min
xFaucetxFaucet0.776156 USD2073247950 sat 7 min
Best Claim TRXBest Claim TRX1.509553 USD17099 sat 1 min
Grand Crypto AutoGrand Crypto Auto0.000000 USD222 sat 5 min
Faucetpaycoins Earn Free BitcoinFaucetpaycoins Earn Free Bitcoin0.000000 USD6046 sat 5 min
GoldFaucet.orgGoldFaucet.org0.006979 USD19574542 sat 3 min
Litecoin.Host BTC ETH DOGE LTCLitecoin.Host BTC ETH DOGE LTC1.960026 USD26951 sat 1 min
SORTASORTA0.217460 USD991 sat 0 sec
Criptoly.com- PTC ads 0.7$/1000vCriptoly.com- PTC ads 0.7$/1000v3.285525 USD73550 sat 60 min
Coin DiversityCoin Diversity10.002077 USD136001 sat 5 min
Crypto Faucet AppsCrypto Faucet Apps0.000000 USD72351 sat 60 min
GedadasGedadas0.000000 USD25705 sat 1 min
GlobalReviewz FaucetGlobalReviewz Faucet0.128950 USD238167552 sat 0 sec
NeedbuxNeedbux0.323695 USD153740996 sat 5 min
Claim Free BCHClaim Free BCH0.000000 USD100 sat 0 sec
FreeBitcoin/ No Captcha/ InstantFreeBitcoin/ No Captcha/ Instant0.197689 USD1491 sat 60 min
GratisBitcoin.my.idGratisBitcoin.my.id0.003786 USD5019116 sat 60 min
ecmining PTC / FAUCET / AIRDROPSecmining PTC / FAUCET / AIRDROPS244.548145 USD55422260 sat 1 min
Bitcoin Pay YouBitcoin Pay You0.166517 USD8616 sat 6 min
Crypto Pay ProCrypto Pay Pro0.000000 USD111 sat 5 min
BTC-faucet Inet-Money.ClubBTC-faucet Inet-Money.Club0.293408 USD4544 sat 30 min
CoinKrabCoinKrab10.496531 USD252157862 sat 1 min
Waterfaucet-Instant WithdrawWaterfaucet-Instant Withdraw0.000000 USD18186 sat 1 min
FreebtcFreebtc0.042613 USD466164929 sat 60 min
LuckyDiceLuckyDice0.117481 USD29914 sat 5 min
EarnFree ETHEarnFree ETH0.002258 USD179 sat 1 min
EarnFree DogeEarnFree Doge0.003493 USD18185756 sat 1 min
EarnFree LTCEarnFree LTC0.003514 USD28196 sat 1 min
EarnFree BCHEarnFree BCH0.000426 USD523 sat 1 min
EarnFree TRXEarnFree TRX0.004210 USD16286298 sat 1 min
EarnFree USDTEarnFree USDT0.006680 USD1420383 sat 1 min
EarnFree DGBEarnFree DGB0.002808 USD13708482 sat 1 min
EarnFree DashEarnFree Dash0.002657 USD11193 sat 5 min
EarnFree ZECEarnFree ZEC0.002800 USD14148 sat 1 min
EarnFree BNBEarnFree BNB0.002533 USD1852 sat 1 min
EarnFree FEYEarnFree FEY0.002318 USD80.02 BTC 1 min
MixbitsMixbits2.522488 USD1920.12 BTC 60 min
GetDashCoinGetDashCoin0.882105 USD10195 sat 60 min
CoinsEarns.comCoinsEarns.com0.074239 USD50017 sat 60 min
clixtoyouclixtoyou21.742521 USD5599 sat 60 min
©RYPTOFORU || No Daily Limit ||©RYPTOFORU || No Daily Limit ||0.077685 USD24473 sat 1 min
Tron Miners 24 - TRONMEPHMINERTron Miners 24 - TRONMEPHMINER0.000000 USD10 sat 60 min
ClaimBit.com // 100% Free CryptoClaimBit.com // 100% Free Crypto0.000000 USD24195 sat 5 min
**DOCTOR FAUCET ****DOCTOR FAUCET **0.757495 USD788921 sat 60 min
ZedCash.comZedCash.com0.012573 USD515362 sat 60 min
1xBtcoins.com1xBtcoins.com0.000000 USD32146 sat 5 min
Saraika.ru BTC FaucetSaraika.ru BTC Faucet0.281767 USD2814 sat 60 min
faucettop.com Faucet Offer wallfaucettop.com Faucet Offer wall0.509962 USD12224877 sat 0 sec
DinnToks (---BTC---Bitcoin---)DinnToks (---BTC---Bitcoin---)1.070694 USD58162 sat 60 min
cryptopaygamescryptopaygames0.000000 USD61 sat 30 min
BTC BunchBTC Bunch3.453305 USD1397332 sat 15 min
All Crypto Faucet AppsAll Crypto Faucet Apps0.465338 USD917220 sat 0 sec
FreeCryptoss.comFreeCryptoss.com1.510973 USD6319250 sat 3 min
LitecoinlineLitecoinline5.018169 USD186103023 sat 60 min
498faucet.com free 30498faucet.com free 300.010337 USD9122161 sat 5 min
NevCoins Best FaucetNevCoins Best Faucet0.000000 USD585 sat 5 min
Satoshi4FunSatoshi4Fun0.003890 USD1522 sat 5 min
cryptopub-TRXcryptopub-TRX0.000000 USD1366 sat 5 min
CryptoPub-DGBCryptoPub-DGB0.000000 USD140 sat 5 min
Servforest New-GenerationServforest New-Generation0.786382 USD118220940 sat 0 sec
make easy btcmake easy btc0.000000 USD10 sat 60 min
EarnbitmoonEarnbitmoon256.714378 USD34561876 sat 5 min
INFINITY Auto FaucetINFINITY Auto Faucet1.770330 USD396997 sat 1 min
Get BitcoinGet Bitcoin0.000000 USD552952 sat 5 min
A-Crypto BTCA-Crypto BTC8.692326 USD88441 sat 5 min
Get satoshiGet satoshi0.000000 USD12 sat 1 min
BtcadSpaceBtcadSpace15.510427 USD1032423 sat 15 min
HarshfaucetHarshfaucet1.803358 USD1564540 sat 1 min
ClaimsatoshiClaimsatoshi15.048372 USD170293693 sat 0 sec
Tfaucet BtcTfaucet Btc0.000000 USD20 sat 10 min
CryptoWin.xyz 8 Types CryptoCryptoWin.xyz 8 Types Crypto0.635330 USD6228590 sat 0 sec
Vie FaucetVie Faucet281.112329 USD13518221 sat 3 min
Linkywall - Shortlink OfferwallLinkywall - Shortlink Offerwall0.028835 USD24648 sat 60 min
Free Feyorra FaucetFree Feyorra Faucet0.004129 USD25660101 sat 15 min
Free Litecoin FaucetFree Litecoin Faucet0.021752 USD30141 sat 60 min
Free Tron FaucetFree Tron Faucet0.043299 USD41021850 sat 15 min
Free Doge FaucetFree Doge Faucet0.025843 USD27022659 sat 15 min
11BITZ11BITZ13.631099 USD727854121 sat 11 min
HotCryptoHotCrypto44.515024 USD661883 sat 1 min
faucetworld - Autofaucetfaucetworld - Autofaucet5.055909 USD9210.11 BTC 60 min
bitsclaim.combitsclaim.com0.288508 USD4905153 sat 1 min
Faucet SatoushiFaucet Satoushi0.012650 USD31 sat 1440 min
FEY faucet app [App]FEY faucet app [App]0.000000 USD62890531 sat 1 min
Faucetx2 | Ultimate FaucetFaucetx2 | Ultimate Faucet0.000000 USD1525 sat 60 min
Faucet ENBFaucet ENB0.057233 USD1711 sat 20 min
Free TetherFree Tether0.059812 USD4751199 sat 60 min
Free DigiByte FaucetFree DigiByte Faucet0.033946 USD38849348 sat 60 min
FAUTSYFAUTSY5.523464 USD62491 sat 60 min
888satoshis888satoshis3.470733 USD44313 sat 3 min
Keran DOGEKeran DOGE0.364482 USD812115960 sat 0 sec
MAD SHIBA FaucetMAD SHIBA Faucet3.728753 USD5235485 sat 3 min
Cryptocity.info FaucetCryptocity.info Faucet7.344255 USD540134 sat 5 min
TiqueBetTiqueBet0.132794 USD2281437 sat 60 min
Dogeminers Free Unlimited ClaimDogeminers Free Unlimited Claim0.000000 USD112.20 BTC 60 min
Keran ETHKeran ETH0.038785 USD2392 sat 0 sec
Keran BCHKeran BCH0.155152 USD64147 sat 0 sec
CoinplateCoinplate0.000000 USD48 sat 5 min
ClaimFreeCoinsClaimFreeCoins5.774985 USD16146 sat 1 min
USDT FAUCETUSDT FAUCET0.000434 USD755405 sat 5 min
ShoppingPalsShoppingPals1.941553 USD5091077 sat 1 min
Luckyfaucet New Generation fauceLuckyfaucet New Generation fauce0.030427 USD171182 sat 1 min
Earn HeartEarn Heart0.014999 USD13953 sat 5 min
Daz's High Paying FaucetDaz's High Paying Faucet0.031910 USD95447 sat 5 min
Zad's High Paying FaucetZad's High Paying Faucet0.008203 USD108209 sat 1 min
FaucetBitFaucetBit0.005831 USD428 sat 60 min
EarnFree BTCEarnFree BTC0.004307 USD431 sat 5 min
lenubgv - BTClenubgv - BTC0.249997 USD3541 sat 60 min
FaucetCrypto BTCFaucetCrypto BTC0.443859 USD7072 sat 5 min
Claim SatoshiClaim Satoshi0.055512 USD1249 sat 60 min
Phoenix AutoPhoenix Auto0.000000 USD1246203 sat 60 min
Dragon AutoDragon Auto0.034217 USD134585 sat 60 min
INDO LTCINDO LTC0.164617 USD479106 sat 0 sec
Coincet.comCoincet.com0.000000 USD17129 sat 3 min
VatosCash.ComVatosCash.Com2.144226 USD3270.06 BTC 60 min
Top of Faucet | All Faucets!Top of Faucet | All Faucets!5.463017 USD753977 sat 1 min
allarewin.spaceallarewin.space0.025876 USD1336 sat 14 min
liso.clickliso.click1.345740 USD221256 sat 15 min
Crypto-sniperCrypto-sniper0.046086 USD19234000 sat 1 min
marocclickersmarocclickers0.000000 USD76 sat 0 sec
Mixfaucet.com | Crypto PlatformMixfaucet.com | Crypto Platform5.021997 USD833183 sat 5 min
KaziPay.comKaziPay.com2.187944 USD1010.07 BTC 1 min
Doge faucet - cryptoo.siteDoge faucet - cryptoo.site0.421106 USD106995537 sat 5 min
FC Network - Easy custom CAPTCHAFC Network - Easy custom CAPTCHA0.027176 USD71131238 sat 1 min
btcwin.online (Pollfish - CPX)btcwin.online (Pollfish - CPX)0.000000 USD409744 sat 20 min
ClicksCoin.com | FaucetClicksCoin.com | Faucet0.104062 USD147457 sat 40 min
WP HUNTERSWP HUNTERS0.054348 USD292261 sat 4 min
Coins98 Claim Free BTCCoins98 Claim Free BTC0.000000 USD50 sat 10 min
DutchyCorp Final FaucetDutchyCorp Final Faucet309.106879 USD83590.01 BTC 60 min
Faucet rush (no timer) 5 TRXFaucet rush (no timer) 5 TRX0.042676 USD18513720 sat 0 sec
Best AutofaucetBest Autofaucet0.133090 USD402.84 BTC 60 min
cashmine.onlinecashmine.online0.000000 USD118 sat 5 min
CoinGet - Free Crypto CurrencyCoinGet - Free Crypto Currency2.970383 USD9620449 sat 10 min
BTC faucet - cryptoo.siteBTC faucet - cryptoo.site0.000000 USD6231 sat 5 min
EarnvivEarnviv0.000000 USD24299 sat 60 min
EarnCoin - Earn cryptocurrencyEarnCoin - Earn cryptocurrency0.000000 USD21323 sat 3 min
Crypto-Lovers.club / BTCCrypto-Lovers.club / BTC0.749869 USD69218 sat 1 min
*** Zica Faucet *** WOW*** Zica Faucet *** WOW0.091318 USD1911096 sat 1 min
Faucet WorkFaucet Work0.230802 USD42425709 sat 1 min
FaucetzoidFaucetzoid1.998866 USD940.10 BTC 0 sec
FreeTRXFreeTRX3.824394 USD850.06 BTC 0 sec
You WinYou Win0.000649 USD51 sat 5 min
1xDogecoin1xDogecoin0.000000 USD1191.47 BTC 60 min
Micro-Expay.comMicro-Expay.com1.590856 USD11822 sat 60 min
XtraBits.clickXtraBits.click1.064145 USD6064 sat 60 min
faucetdragon 100% Referral BTCfaucetdragon 100% Referral BTC0.000000 USD601 sat 3 min
EarncoinofferEarncoinoffer0.727661 USD2030.34 BTC 60 min
BitcoinBag Mobile AppBitcoinBag Mobile App0.046140 USD291 sat 5 min
= CRYPTONETOS = Multi Faucet= CRYPTONETOS = Multi Faucet0.080031 USD2720 sat 1 min
coinlean.comcoinlean.com1.273626 USD15931204 sat 20 min
BitpayeBitpaye1.035286 USD111584 sat 60 min
|| 1 MINUTES BTC FAUCET |||| 1 MINUTES BTC FAUCET ||1.748086 USD6502 sat 1 min
| No Wait to Claim BTC || No Wait to Claim BTC |0.550948 USD4281 sat 0 sec
PaysatoPaysato3.587248 USD571769 sat 60 min
Feyorra.my.idFeyorra.my.id0.003102 USD260.01 BTC 5 min
Digibyte.my.idDigibyte.my.id0.000000 USD9221345 sat 5 min
EarnatorEarnator0.321375 USD1491822 sat 60 min
Earn dogee??Earn dogee??0.017409 USD14930233 sat 5 min
Feyorra.cfFeyorra.cf0.001289 USD460116 sat 1 min
Speed Coins - 0.0025$ claimSpeed Coins - 0.0025$ claim0.190899 USD32035 sat 60 min
faucetinstant.comfaucetinstant.com0.499541 USD22451 sat 5 min
AkaClickAkaClick0.429310 USD2077 sat 15 min
Feyorra.siteFeyorra.site8.412321 USD31300.61 BTC 1 min
Earnads.top ! Earn Like a Hero.Earnads.top ! Earn Like a Hero.0.000000 USD690.01 BTC 1 min
Solana FaucetSolana Faucet0.000501 USD24291 sat 0 sec
KARTINKSKARTINKS0.094533 USD10989290 sat 1 min
BCH faucet - cryptoo.siteBCH faucet - cryptoo.site0.000000 USD20240 sat 5 min
Free TronFree Tron0.027790 USD85736400 sat 60 min
darkfaucet.xyzdarkfaucet.xyz0.008450 USD169500 sat 5 min
Crypto AskerCrypto Asker0.017794 USD2041 sat 10 min
Turbo BTCTurbo BTC4.361536 USD79221 sat 2 min
FreeFaucetPay TronFreeFaucetPay Tron0.018490 USD14822570 sat 10 min
FreeFaucetPay DogeFreeFaucetPay Doge0.014251 USD8724942 sat 10 min
zombiebtczombiebtc0.791358 USD6401 sat 5 min
Claim Free BTCClaim Free BTC0.000000 USD3024003 sat 5 min
Lucky TronLucky Tron0.023082 USD10445151 sat 3 min
Crypto WorldCrypto World0.217500 USD3552 sat 30 min
unlimited auto faucet 10$ a dayunlimited auto faucet 10$ a day0.001305 USD3068 sat 60 min
Starfaucet­ | Multicoin FaucetStarfaucet­ | Multicoin Faucet0.282263 USD23992475 sat 10 min
Crypto BTCCrypto BTC0.004732 USD301 sat 1 min
free faucet BNBfree faucet BNB0.051163 USD16434 sat 60 min
WorkTimePTCWorkTimePTC0.052026 USD3725745 sat 30 min
Earn fistEarn fist0.000000 USD1714 sat 60 min
LTC-hunterLTC-hunter0.000000 USD2224 sat 720 min
Coins FaucetCoins Faucet3.030596 USD331139 sat 5 min
Claim Coins Free TRX UnlimitedClaim Coins Free TRX Unlimited0.003707 USD27637665 sat 0 sec
Zii FaucetZii Faucet0.099333 USD557 sat 0 sec
Ashort1a,ashort2a,Ashort1a,ashort2a,1.755990 USD226 sat 0 sec
Getads BTCGetads BTC0.009862 USD1411 sat 1 min
Faucet4News - Claim BTC no popupFaucet4News - Claim BTC no popup9.772805 USD60741 sat 2 min
JupiterFaucetJupiterFaucet0.078456 USD643 sat 60 min
RNCRYPTORNCRYPTO0.002604 USD3197919 sat 0 sec
Fauceit.comFauceit.com0.480207 USD7551 sat 5 min
Crypto Faucet BOTCrypto Faucet BOT0.008321 USD431 sat 1 min
Best-shop FaucetBest-shop Faucet19.159467 USD550.06 BTC 60 min
free tron no taim illimitifree tron no taim illimiti0.000000 USD13402 sat 1 min
CRYPTO HUNTERCRYPTO HUNTER0.004576 USD42530 sat 60 min
ClaimClicks BTCClaimClicks BTC0.000000 USD35011 sat 2 min
BTCHitzBTCHitz0.000000 USD425 sat 5 min
GainBTC.CLICK - BTCGainBTC.CLICK - BTC0.107793 USD806 sat 5 min
Ourtecads Instant FaucetOurtecads Instant Faucet2.405919 USD2821622 sat 5 min
** (( CRYPTO-FAUCET)) **** (( CRYPTO-FAUCET)) **0.741264 USD764810 sat 60 min
** (( Megano Coin )) **** (( Megano Coin )) **2.474362 USD19527356 sat 60 min
Bifaucet.com | Earn Free CryptoBifaucet.com | Earn Free Crypto2.954998 USD50694 sat 5 min
(( Megano-Coin)) - LTC FAUCET(( Megano-Coin)) - LTC FAUCET0.524670 USD1193611 sat 60 min
StationBit $0.0012 / ZCASHStationBit $0.0012 / ZCASH0.033696 USD357625 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / USDTStationBit $0.0012 / USDT0.112990 USD45735099 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / SOLANAStationBit $0.0012 / SOLANA0.075862 USD444734 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / TRONStationBit $0.0012 / TRON0.106647 USD432685577 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / LTCStationBit $0.0012 / LTC0.087084 USD461606 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / FEYORRAStationBit $0.0012 / FEYORRA0.092768 USD5020.04 BTC 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / DIGIBYTEStationBit $0.0012 / DIGIBYTE0.071832 USD4730.03 BTC 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / DOGEStationBit $0.0012 / DOGE0.053816 USD307559716 sat 2 min
StationBit $0.0012 / DASHStationBit $0.0012 / DASH0.039692 USD312625 sat 2 min
Fast BTCFast BTC4.696213 USD59921 sat 3 min
Multiclaim.net - BTCMulticlaim.net - BTC0.111873 USD1075 sat 5 min
BITCOIN 115.XYZBITCOIN 115.XYZ0.014676 USD571 sat 60 min
Claim Unlimited Tron No TimerClaim Unlimited Tron No Timer0.013058 USD26917771 sat 0 sec
Claim 800000 dogecoin every 5minClaim 800000 dogecoin every 5min0.000000 USD608410960 sat 5 min
Unlimited Tron - No TimerUnlimited Tron - No Timer0.006586 USD29071855 sat 0 sec
btccolletorbtccolletor0.051147 USD141983 sat 10 min
dgb digibyte faucet 0 timedgb digibyte faucet 0 time0.000000 USD21228757 sat 0 sec
BITCOIN 115.RUBITCOIN 115.RU0.000862 USD100 sat 60 min
myfaucetmyfaucet0.306128 USD11178 sat 60 min
CryptoonlyCryptoonly0.029720 USD108195683 sat 2 min
Topfaucet.clickTopfaucet.click0.393505 USD6920 sat 1 min
Claim 0.010 CryptoClaim 0.010 Crypto24.834102 USD1487.30 BTC 0 sec
FastLit.spaceFastLit.space0.011966 USD193126 sat 0 sec
FREE BTCFREE BTC0.108730 USD411 sat 0 sec
BTCminerBTCminer0.014910 USD421 sat 15 min
https://faucetwise.com/https://faucetwise.com/0.001517 USD24114156 sat 60 min
1Faucet- Claim Free Bitcoin1Faucet- Claim Free Bitcoin0.044068 USD1721 sat 15 min
Solana faucet - cryptoo.siteSolana faucet - cryptoo.site0.000000 USD366123 sat 3 min
Knolix Money TreeKnolix Money Tree1.366999 USD101 sat 60 min
Heinz - LTCHeinz - LTC0.017910 USD1476 sat 5 min
Kalifaucet.siteKalifaucet.site2.235092 USD9140.07 BTC 1 min
Claim Free LTCClaim Free LTC0.005970 USD6449 sat 2 min
btcearningworldbtcearningworld0.004064 USD1911 sat 60 min
Faucetcoin ZcashFaucetcoin Zcash0.000000 USD131 sat 3 min
BITSmartBITSmart0.007685 USD591 sat 2 min
Bit Faucet Tron UnlimitedBit Faucet Tron Unlimited0.000000 USD32517166 sat 0 sec
RockfaucetRockfaucet0.357252 USD1839358 sat 3 min
Crypto MakerCrypto Maker0.009364 USD4120.02 BTC 3 min
DogeClaimDogeClaim0.001493 USD6113820 sat 1 min
FaucetSpeed Btc NEWFaucetSpeed Btc NEW1.396292 USD5715 sat 0 sec
Btc NEW Captcha SatoshiBtc NEW Captcha Satoshi0.067486 USD2311 sat 60 min
Ad-Doge.comAd-Doge.com0.000000 USD811811 sat 5 min
The Crazy BitcoinThe Crazy Bitcoin0.038668 USD1121 sat 60 min
ByteCashByteCash5.769998 USD21167357 sat 5 min
coin-profits.xyz | Claim Coinscoin-profits.xyz | Claim Coins0.284435 USD2841 sat 3 min
CryptofpCryptofp0.033566 USD112196128 sat 2 min
PayUcrypto.xyz - Earn CryptoPayUcrypto.xyz - Earn Crypto0.308189 USD6728 sat 60 min
GameFaucetGameFaucet0.573072 USD510.02 BTC 60 min
CoinflyCoinfly11.784155 USD34874182 sat 1 min
Claim4Free -Claim up to 50 BTCClaim4Free -Claim up to 50 BTC0.039081 USD1382 sat 5 min
LUCKY FAUCETLUCKY FAUCET0.478347 USD4171 sat 5 min
BiteFaucetBiteFaucet17.091049 USD2359518 sat 2 min
SatoshiWin - Claim Free CryptosSatoshiWin - Claim Free Cryptos2.231168 USD63401 sat 2 min
Doge Faucet-fescrypto.comDoge Faucet-fescrypto.com0.000000 USD23478920 sat 5 min
Tron faucet-fescrypto.comTron faucet-fescrypto.com0.000000 USD9936950 sat 5 min
qpcrypto.com Instant BCH Faucetqpcrypto.com Instant BCH Faucet0.004817 USD3115 sat 5 min
Directbid.eu - BTC 10 min faucetDirectbid.eu - BTC 10 min faucet0.055275 USD662 sat 1 min
Pay Tron CoinsPay Tron Coins0.000000 USD78269969 sat 2 min
Tap-CoinTap-Coin67.646571 USD1417358 sat 20 min
(( Party Coins)) - *LTC FAUCET(( Party Coins)) - *LTC FAUCET0.396256 USD592198 sat 60 min
qpcrypto.com Instant Doge Faucetqpcrypto.com Instant Doge Faucet0.009502 USD11250000 sat 5 min
Up-CriptoUp-Cripto0.000000 USD1681 sat 1 min
Free crypto | Btc and Usdt.Free crypto | Btc and Usdt.12.390321 USD4311848 sat 1 min
Instant 7 satoshi per minuteInstant 7 satoshi per minute0.093778 USD1055 sat 1 min
Claimercorner.xyzClaimercorner.xyz4.611799 USD273310 sat 3 min
Claimcoins(Cpx,Theoremch,Polfih)Claimcoins(Cpx,Theoremch,Polfih)3.549095 USD103339 sat 60 min
Tron faucet- cryptoo.siteTron faucet- cryptoo.site0.000000 USD27975615 sat 5 min
Tron faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comTron faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.000000 USD87092082 sat 5 min
Highly PayHighly Pay0.001205 USD93281714 sat 2 min
BCH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comBCH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.035023 USD19223 sat 5 min
DASH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comDASH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.006315 USD5855 sat 5 min
DGB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comDGB faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.000761 USD88107266 sat 5 min
Zcash faucet___/\___ Ethiomi.comZcash faucet___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.002112 USD9728 sat 5 min
LTC faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comLTC faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.000000 USD98891 sat 5 min
FaucetpaynowFaucetpaynow0.303481 USD812 sat 5 min
Randomit - FRE satoshiRandomit - FRE satoshi0.062674 USD572 sat 1 min
Crazy PayCrazy Pay0.000203 USD42277310 sat 2 min
Doge faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comDoge faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.066325 USD63773130 sat 5 min
CryptonorCryptonor0.328772 USD7679 sat 5 min
Gwaher CoinsGwaher Coins98.428108 USD4750.03 BTC 1 min
Hot Pay UHot Pay U0.002515 USD57284938 sat 2 min
Coins100s - Multi FaucetCoins100s - Multi Faucet0.232733 USD84727180 sat 0 sec
Keran BTC - High PayingKeran BTC - High Paying0.740655 USD1034124200 sat 0 sec
cempakajaya.comcempakajaya.com4.417978 USD40642375 sat 0 sec
CryptoDave | Future Of CryptoCryptoDave | Future Of Crypto0.001305 USD10 sat 4 min
Bits-ia.comBits-ia.com0.000000 USD10 sat 60 min
CashBuxCashBux1.764926 USD96128 sat 1 min
CoinsRev - Free CoinsCoinsRev - Free Coins2.496620 USD34102 sat 10 min
TronclaimerTronclaimer0.000000 USD87259064 sat 2 min
Crypto ZencafeCrypto Zencafe0.000000 USD10 sat 1 min
Kiddy Faucet TRX UnlimitedKiddy Faucet TRX Unlimited0.000000 USD33318369 sat 0 sec
Kiddy Faucet LiteCoin UnlimitedKiddy Faucet LiteCoin Unlimited0.000245 USD31135 sat 0 sec
| No Timer Faucet BTC || No Timer Faucet BTC |0.418554 USD1671 sat 0 sec
BTCASH | CLAIM IN 0MINBTCASH | CLAIM IN 0MIN5.418846 USD291651 sat 0 sec
sniper.satoshi-hunter.xyzsniper.satoshi-hunter.xyz0.010848 USD78257 sat 60 min
StationBit $0.0012 / BCHStationBit $0.0012 / BCH0.161024 USD412370 sat 2 min
DASH faucet no shortlink __/\__DASH faucet no shortlink __/\__0.000475 USD22138 sat 1 min
Zcash faucet no shortlink __/\__Zcash faucet no shortlink __/\__0.009646 USD7174 sat 1 min
CryptosFPCryptosFP0.003414 USD77282675 sat 2 min
Ofrealfaucetnotimer.comOfrealfaucetnotimer.com0.374127 USD4892 sat 2 min
BdtechhBdtechh0.000000 USD571 sat 60 min
horrorbitcoinhorrorbitcoin12.118978 USD1038128 sat 5 min
335 BNB/Claim (no timer)335 BNB/Claim (no timer)0.062154 USD85230 sat 0 sec
CryptoearnersCryptoearners0.007660 USD55218020 sat 2 min
freecoinsfreecoins0.224473 USD508142 sat 1 min
Freeshib CryptoFreeshib Crypto43.301847 USD207064588 sat 60 min
Money Crypto FastMoney Crypto Fast3.981518 USD39129946 sat 5 min
X-FauceTX-FauceT12.417211 USD121359 sat 0 sec
DASH__/*\__ faucet no shortlinkDASH__/*\__ faucet no shortlink0.001421 USD7185 sat 1 min
BTC__/*\__ faucet no shortlinkBTC__/*\__ faucet no shortlink0.000000 USD870 sat 1 min
SOL__/*\__ faucet no shortlinkSOL__/*\__ faucet no shortlink0.000000 USD41145 sat 1 min
Zcash__/*\__ faucet noShortlinkZcash__/*\__ faucet noShortlink0.001666 USD6347 sat 1 min
BTC Easy Task*__/\__* 2 SatoshiBTC Easy Task*__/\__* 2 Satoshi0.014685 USD1112 sat 1 min
CryptoFuture - MultiCoin FaucetCryptoFuture - MultiCoin Faucet2.762534 USD22562 sat 10 min
FEY FAUCET 1 MINUTEFEY FAUCET 1 MINUTE0.079650 USD356210184 sat 60 min
EarnSato-OfferWalls-Ads-FaucetEarnSato-OfferWalls-Ads-Faucet16.114216 USD4442758 sat 30 min
BiG FaucetBiG Faucet0.061614 USD25183200 sat 0 sec
Solana Faucet __/\__ Ethiomi.comSolana Faucet __/\__ Ethiomi.com0.115027 USD98992 sat 5 min
BNB faucet big redwards *_/_\_*BNB faucet big redwards *_/_\_*0.023603 USD23871 sat 1 min
....::: FAUCETPAY.MY.ID :::........::: FAUCETPAY.MY.ID :::....0.000000 USD926 sat 0 sec
TRX KingsTRX Kings0.002266 USD64230812 sat 2 min
FaucetfastFaucetfast0.000000 USD4357613 sat 3 min
instant urlinstant url12.415475 USD1155 sat 0 sec
Free.ofrealfaucetnotimer.comFree.ofrealfaucetnotimer.com3.036817 USD89917588 sat 0 sec
CoudCoin.space 5BTC FREECoudCoin.space 5BTC FREE0.007755 USD243 sat 5 min
Easy Faucet CryptoEasy Faucet Crypto0.000000 USD7956 sat 0 sec
ETH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comETH faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.075181 USD5152 sat 5 min
BTC faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.comBTC faucet ___/\___ Ethiomi.com0.000000 USD6811 sat 5 min
ETH faucet big redwards *_/_\_*ETH faucet big redwards *_/_\_*0.010273 USD1718 sat 1 min
JTFaucetsJTFaucets0.024132 USD105134300 sat 10 min
Station BitStation Bit0.607657 USD687318733 sat 3 min
Galery BitsGalery Bits0.329058 USD452455822 sat 3 min
Auto Faucet Crypto Android AppAuto Faucet Crypto Android App4.710475 USD5111800 sat 5 min
Free TronsFree Trons0.000000 USD110228939 sat 2 min
Bitli HerifBitli Herif0.000643 USD226000 sat 15 min
VaFile Faucet | 4Sat NoTimerVaFile Faucet | 4Sat NoTimer0.000000 USD4152 sat 0 sec
Claim unlimited TRX No TimerClaim unlimited TRX No Timer259.750583 USD39011.71 BTC 0 sec
VersaFaucetVersaFaucet0.877409 USD15069 sat 5 min
Tron-Free | 100% Ref CommissionTron-Free | 100% Ref Commission29.825703 USD3038248 sat 5 min
KiddyEarnerKiddyEarner53.646752 USD94433532 sat 1 min
Claim Free BitcoinClaim Free Bitcoin0.165988 USD6094 sat 1 min
Tagecoin BitcoinTagecoin Bitcoin0.068082 USD1791 sat 3 min
Tagecoin DogecoinTagecoin Dogecoin0.310693 USD58898778 sat 3 min
Tagecoin TronTagecoin Tron0.163363 USD66591381 sat 3 min
Tagecoin Bitcoin-CashTagecoin Bitcoin-Cash0.000000 USD5219 sat 3 min
Tagecoin DashTagecoin Dash0.000000 USD7073 sat 3 min
Tagecoin DigibyteTagecoin Digibyte0.000000 USD46172026 sat 3 min
Tagecoin SolanaTagecoin Solana0.000000 USD187110 sat 3 min
Tagecoin ZcashTagecoin Zcash0.000000 USD8969 sat 3 min
TRX X-TRONTRX X-TRON12.436327 USD180.02 BTC 0 sec
High Paying Nameless TRX FaucetHigh Paying Nameless TRX Faucet0.000000 USD4695523 sat 5 min
Tagecoin DOGE ShortlinkTagecoin DOGE Shortlink0.058678 USD141300000 sat 1 min
Teeth Block | 50% Ref CommissionTeeth Block | 50% Ref Commission5.184285 USD106778 sat 5 min
Tagecoin TRON ShortlinkTagecoin TRON Shortlink0.026773 USD2070.04 BTC 1 min
Tagecoin BTC ShortlinkTagecoin BTC Shortlink0.000000 USD1241 sat 1 min
claimdgb.gaclaimdgb.ga0.000002 USD281333 sat 0 sec
EarnSolana.xyzEarnSolana.xyz0.000000 USD355124230 sat 1 min
Claim Free BTC - BNB Faucet SiteClaim Free BTC - BNB Faucet Site0.000000 USD34301 sat 5 min
CryptoNetworkCryptoNetwork0.000000 USD18157 sat 1440 min
TRX Awesome Timer and PayoutTRX Awesome Timer and Payout0.000000 USD6448390 sat 1 min
LION USDTLION USDT0.071832 USD7299471 sat 1 min
DOGE faucet big redwards *_/_\_*DOGE faucet big redwards *_/_\_*0.062425 USD280431936 sat 1 min
CLAIM TRX--Claim 0.015 TRX/MinCLAIM TRX--Claim 0.015 TRX/Min0.671446 USD9150.01 BTC 5 min
Cryptospace Direct 12 coinsCryptospace Direct 12 coins1.811042 USD29731 sat 5 min
Crypto4yuCrypto4yu1.699028 USD93211 sat 5 min
djfaucet | 50% REF COMMISSIONSdjfaucet | 50% REF COMMISSIONS2.147963 USD12695 sat 1 min
GPFAUCETGPFAUCET0.603672 USD2507471 sat 60 min
Beclaim Tron FaucetBeclaim Tron Faucet2.345078 USD7450.02 BTC 2 min
Tronex Tron FaucetTronex Tron Faucet2.005402 USD5280.02 BTC 2 min
Direct Faucet NewDirect Faucet New0.103895 USD1863 sat 0 sec
btc.click.rubtc.click.ru0.114033 USD2501 sat 30 min
Flyad: Highest Claim UnlimitedFlyad: Highest Claim Unlimited254.944780 USD3877.86 BTC 0 sec
satoshi-win.xyz unlimited claimssatoshi-win.xyz unlimited claims1.772599 USD2085386 sat 5 min
Faucet CryptoFaucet Crypto13.635230 USD32257 sat 60 min
CCEarn.comCCEarn.com0.000000 USD3681 sat 1 min
Crypto-Farms.SiteCrypto-Farms.Site1.490576 USD1220.14 BTC 3 min
Earn 3 BTC every 0 minute!!Earn 3 BTC every 0 minute!!0.049828 USD4681 sat 0 sec
CryptoEazyCryptoEazy0.000000 USD1070 sat 1 min
Coinster.one - Free FaucetCoinster.one - Free Faucet0.026157 USD731 sat 15 min
PaycryptoPaycrypto6.977255 USD464185 sat 3 min
CryptPRO FaucetCryptPRO Faucet0.232617 USD6541 sat 5 min
24Coins - 0.01 DBG No Shortlink24Coins - 0.01 DBG No Shortlink0.755836 USD1089517838 sat 1 min
Seobit.siteSeobit.site1.070561 USD76186 sat 5 min
Stromcoins.gqStromcoins.gq0.000906 USD310257830 sat 2 min
FastbtcsFastbtcs0.852804 USD1087 sat 5 min
Coinfast.comCoinfast.com0.000000 USD26 sat 0 sec
TronoshiTronoshi6.110862 USD1401516471 sat 0 sec
TRON Miner TronoshiTRON Miner Tronoshi1.739662 USD43385195 sat 10 min
Nobita Love Claim SolanaNobita Love Claim Solana26.129950 USD1385646095 sat 4 min
EarnSolana - BTC - 5MinsEarnSolana - BTC - 5Mins0.898176 USD40161 sat 5 min
Free CryptoFree Crypto2.634367 USD1695722 sat 1 min
BitsClaimBitsClaim0.000000 USD295911 sat 0 sec
ESFaucets.com - Home of CryptoESFaucets.com - Home of Crypto0.000000 USD281343980 sat 5 min
EarnBitcoinEarnBitcoin0.000000 USD931 sat 5 min
Faucet.inkFaucet.ink0.000000 USD1661 sat 5 min
AnimesFaucet-min withdraw $0.001AnimesFaucet-min withdraw $0.0011.216680 USD7534248 sat 6 min
FreeBitcoinFreeBitcoin0.000000 USD441 sat 5 min
CryptoFuture - LTC - ShortlinkCryptoFuture - LTC - Shortlink0.000000 USD4052617 sat 0 sec
Paystrx.gqPaystrx.gq0.000000 USD68198987 sat 2 min
Highfree.gqHighfree.gq0.045573 USD117193096 sat 2 min
Get Claim •Get Claim •0.000000 USD275852 sat 0 sec
Unlimitedcoins.gqUnlimitedcoins.gq0.032306 USD207218264 sat 2 min
CoinsStar.gaCoinsStar.ga0.080337 USD180387 sat 0 sec
claimfreetrx.onlineclaimfreetrx.online6.177350 USD4950.12 BTC 5 min
Bitssurf - Instant PaymentBitssurf - Instant Payment1.131606 USD2010.13 BTC 5 min
1 Wincrate1 Wincrate0.000000 USD222502 sat 0 sec
btcsivuclaimbtcsivuclaim0.000000 USD50 sat 10 min
Claim 3065 solana every 1 minClaim 3065 solana every 1 min2.676773 USD31271501 sat 1 min
EarnSolana - LTC - 5MinsEarnSolana - LTC - 5Mins0.421964 USD801416 sat 5 min
InstapopInstapop3.171336 USD20564 sat 60 min
EARN TRONEARN TRON0.000308 USD1661 sat 5 min
Loopbtc.xyzLoopbtc.xyz3.197300 USD3273 sat 1 min
SFC FAUCETSFC FAUCET0.000000 USD20 sat 1 min
Bit Faucet Earn UnlimitedBit Faucet Earn Unlimited0.003693 USD20018658 sat 0 sec
Kiddy Faucet Earn TRX UnlimitedKiddy Faucet Earn TRX Unlimited0.006578 USD21016987 sat 0 sec
ad-dogead-doge0.000000 USD1321.47 BTC 0 sec
StormfaucetStormfaucet0.103129 USD20 sat 10 min
ad-dogead-doge172.331625 USD211284 sat 5 min
Gold-Freshes•Gold-Freshes•0.000000 USD225057 sat 0 sec
Crypto-GratisCrypto-Gratis0.002168 USD50 sat 60 min
LtcTapLtcTap0.628320 USD45070 sat 1 min
Solana Faucet $0.004 Per ClaimSolana Faucet $0.004 Per Claim1.843502 USD9657142 sat 1 min
BitcoinStarBitcoinStar1.750759 USD4071 sat 1 min
YescoinerYescoiner0.000000 USD14 sat 60 min
FaucetDoguecoin NoTimer No PopupFaucetDoguecoin NoTimer No Popup0.009504 USD25917295 sat 1 min
Claim unlimited BTC no timerClaim unlimited BTC no timer245.947723 USD582289 sat 0 sec
Gpflix.in | No TimerGpflix.in | No Timer268.826526 USD9320.87 BTC 0 sec
free.tribuncrypto.comfree.tribuncrypto.com7.845846 USD86174 sat 1 min
Cempakajaya.comCempakajaya.com0.375847 USD1010.01 BTC 1 min
JANADS $$$$JANADS $$$$0.057734 USD24548521 sat 1 min
ExpressCoins.xyzExpressCoins.xyz0.000000 USD18002 sat 0 sec
DogeStarDogeStar0.329685 USD791 sat 1 min
Zetsubo Multicoins NO SHORTLINKZetsubo Multicoins NO SHORTLINK216.470865 USD1402301 sat 1 min
Claim for Bitcoin 2Claim for Bitcoin 20.003455 USD262 sat 3 min
Claim for BitcoinClaim for Bitcoin0.292358 USD2713 sat 3 min
Anime FaucetAnime Faucet0.100962 USD471 sat 2 min
This Bitcoin Faucetlist was last updated on 06/26/2022 09:12 PM
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